R. Denninger Limited (Denninger’s) is a specialty food company located in Southern Ontario (Canada). The first Denninger’s food store was established in 1953 in Hamilton. Other Denninger stores were added over the years and the Company now operates five retail locations, a manufacturing plant and a warehouse. Over 300 people currently work at Denninger’s. The third generation is leading the Company.


The manufacturing plant located in Hamilton, Ontario produces over 200 varieties of cold cuts, sausages and smoked meats of which freshness and the highest quality is guaranteed. Meat (beef, pork, lamb and chicken) is purchased mainly from local farmers who raise their livestock humanely with pride and tradition and without the use of antibiotics or added hormones.


Soups, salads, casseroles and ready-to-go-meals are also produced in the Gourmet Kitchen of the manufacturing plant. Continually new recipes and flavours are created.


Denninger’s also carries an extensive selection of groceries, sweets and cheeses that are imported mainly from Europe. In addition, Denninger’s supports local artisans for products such as fresh baked goods etc.


Sausage making

Sausages are produced (one shift per day) in the sausage kitchen. In this department, there are approximately 10 employees. Sausage production includes fresh and smoked sausages and fermented salamis made in accordance with traditional German recipes so that the taste, structure and texture are very much European. In addition to sausages, the kitchen produces Denninger’s award winning hams and bacon. The machinery is current technology and well maintained.



For succession planning purposes and the wish to bring sausage making on a higher professional level in accordance with German standards, Denninger’s is looking for a Sausage Maker and future Production Manager.


Denninger’s is one of the finest specialty food companies in the world and manufactures the highest quality products in a traditional way. Denninger’s has high expectations of their employees and hence all employees are handpicked to provide the best service in the industry.


The culture of Denninger’s can be described as a fact based, take direction, fast paced, no nonsense atmosphere that depends on teamwork. Denninger’s is looking for a person who wants to relocate to Canada. Denninger’s will assist the successful candidate with relocation.



If you are interested please contact
Van Megen Recruitment B.V., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Telefoon: 06-53578246.

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